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Across the industry, couriers for Deliveroo, UberEats, Just Eat and Stuart are being dismissed or ‘terminated’ with little warning or access to the evidence of what they are accused.

DELIVEROO DRIVER - "I was dismissed back in April by Deliveroo with just a week’s notice. They told me some of my deliveries had been late but restaurants were trying to adapt to Covid regulations so of course there were delays. And sometimes you have to stop for petrol, or there’s traffic but Deliveroo never gave me a chance to explain."

UBEREATS COURIER -  "I had just received a maternity bonus from UberEats for completing 50 deliveries within the first 8 weeks of giving birth. They fired me soon after this, saying I had been sharing my account with someone else, which I never did. I was left with a young baby and no income. Uber doesn’t care about us."

SANAAN - "I’m a Stuart Courier, a keyworker and I worked throughout the pandemic. Now my account has been terminated due to a few delays, but I have reiterated time and time again that the delays are not caused by myself but in most part from the client. I am very distressed about this decision."

Workers are being dismissed from their jobs, sometimes with just days’ warning. The reasons the companies give are generally vague and nonspecific, and often appear to be automated, having no basis in reality. Couriers and private hire drivers are denied the right to have their case heard, or to appeal, even if they have done nothing wrong.

Day after day, these workers have logged onto their apps and headed out onto the front lines to bring us food and goods to our homes, and to drive us around so we can avoid public transport. Given the low pay of the job, some are working 14-hour days just to sustain themselves and their own families as we hurtle towards a recession.

We demand justice. Companies like Deliveroo and Uber must implement a fair process, allowing workers to have their case heard and to appeal their dismissal with trade union representation.

60 MPs supported our Early Day Motion and in 2021 we are keeping up the pressure!

Watch our online rally from December featuring MPs, terminated riders and a message of international solidarity!


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